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Adesk Solutions was formed in Late-2010. The need of cost-effective yet powerful and result oriented application and websites in Pakistan, UAE and all over the globe attracted Deskies to come up with an idea to commence an integrated solutions company. After countless hours of research and development, and numerous energy drinks, we came up with a revolutionary system that would ultimately grow businesses in Pakistan and UAE.

After successfully assisting number of customers, Adesk has perfected robust processes and systems which create a seamless experience in providing integrated solutions for web, desktop and mobile application. Our team is expert in understanding business requirements and delivering high quality business solutions and services. This allows our customers to focus on their core business activities with the peace of mind that their online requirements are in the capable hands of the professionals.

We work closely with our clients to turn simple ideas into powerful, business-generating application and websites. Adesk is committed to make sure your application and websites are not only visually appealing, but most importantly, that it produces great results!

How it works


Our Services

Web Development

Web Designing requires mastery of many heterogeneous media, the design calls for the respect of many principles. It ranges from aesthetics to usability, innovation to creativity and accessibility. Our design team, have keen eye for detail, function and aesthetics. Creativity of immerse interfaces and accuracy, Adesk designers constantly push the boundaries of digital media to the constant and frantic for every client according to the need. In a constantly changing digital environment, "Adesk Web Team" write an algorithms that combine technical integration of front-end and back-end development with high quality.

Social Media Marketing

Social Networks are a part of every day marketing mix and the digital ecosystem brands. The analysis of conversations or e-Reputation, content strategies, management and development of communities, media literacy in perpetual evolution solutions are now essential in order to manage its brand image. It is the mastery of all these social channels, the link to the influences, the creativity of content and community manager and expertise that enables “Adesk Marketing Experts” to develop rich and innovative strategies to best meet the business challenges of the brands.

App Development

We provide you with robust desktop application that are compiled and run on individual user’s desktop computers and distributed systems. “Adesk Development Team” is a bunch of professional developers who can design, develop and deploy the multi-user desktop applications that connects to a database if required. This helps our clients to meet their business objective through a custom designed application for their business.


Web Support needs super commitment to help you succeed with your online business. Leap over techie hurdles, break through barriers and grow your business with us. “Deskies Support” goals to bring enterprise level support to your business through 24/5 and 24/7 website chat support, mail assistance, newsletter and website maintenance.

Our Clients

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